This week I had to say Arrivederci to my daughter, son-in-law and grandson as they packed up their PT Cruiser heading to Texas for a 10-month house sitting adventure. No longer can I look forward to the weekly break from my desk to play with Benaiah or rock him to sleep (this is where I fill the teardrop trailer with my tears of sadness mixed with tears of joy).

I am thrilled for my daughter, having the experience of living in another state. I’ve only lived in California, beginning in Martinez, a stint in Mountain View, then Sonoma County. I probably envy her a bit, just picking up life, not planned, unexpected, and making the move with nothing more than some clothes, things a baby needs and, thank goodness for the church family, a working air conditioner. I will miss them, but more than that, I am thrilled for them and wish them a safe trip, memorable experiences and lots of Skyping moments to you know who. Hey, do you think I could talk them into renting teardrop trailers from New Braunsfel, Texas? If they decide to stay in Texas, it might be worth a conversation.

Teardrop trailers, the old new way to travel.


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