Our History

Our original logo, which we still love and cherish

Vacations In A Can was born out of our  love for camping and vintage trailers; both teardrop trailers and vintage “canned ham” trailers from the 50’s and 60’s.

Vacations In A Can Co-owner Joe Kosareff grew up in southern California. Eventually he followed his best friend up to Sonoma County in Northern California in the early 1990’s. Back then, Joe was an avid bicyclist, doing both road and mountain biking. His vacations included a bike and a tent where he would seek out the best trails like the Flume Trail in Tahoe or the Downieville downhill. Of course, he had his favorite semi-annual bike trip to the Deschutes River and McKenzie River in Oregon.

Joe enjoys working with wood. He has 35 years of experience building furniture and doing custom cabinetry work, which made building teardrop trailers a natural transition. Artistic vision and quality work translates into a well built, good looking teardrop trailer.

Vacations In A Can Co-owner Leslie Kosareff grew up in Martinez, California where the family would take vacations camping. Her father loved to travel in the summer months along the west coast. Most of it was tent camping until the high school years, when her father purchased a full size camper attached to a Datsun cab. Leslie’s fondest memories are camping at Antlers RV Resort in Lakehead, CA, and water-skiing on Shasta Lake.

Leslie is a self-employed bookkeeper and tax professional. She loves camping and has learned that winter camping can be just as enjoyable as summer camping—especially in a warm and cozy teardrop trailer.

We met in the mid 1990’s and discovered our shared love for camping. We married in 1999 and have been camping together ever since. Eventually, we began to experience the down side of conventional tent camping: that as one gets older (and less tolerant of flattening air mattresses), it’s tough to get a good night’s sleep, and tough to get off the ground in the morning without aches and pains! However, we refused to become conventional  “RV’ers.” Like many who have become teardrop admirers; they saw the PBS special with Huell Howser visiting a teardrop gathering in Southern California. The ideal compromise!

Camping with a teardrop trailer has transformed our camping life. We hope you will try a teardrop trailer through the Vacations In A Can rental program. We believe that once you try a teardrop, you’ll be sold on the new “old way” to camp!



Questions about teardrop trailers? Teardrop trailer sales? Vintage trailer repair or restoration?

Great! You can ask us because we love to share our knowledge about this wonderful, economical, and fuel sipping vacation alternative.

We truly believe this is one of the most fun ways to have a memorable vacation on the road.

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