Our Humble Beginings

Vacations In a Can has not always been the “almost-famous” powerhouse of custom teardrop trailer sales and repair that some think we are today… oh no! We were once a small operation out of a barn in Penngrove, California… Hey wait! We still are! Well anyway we are a little bigger than we used to be with more teardrop trailer vacation rentals under our belt and more custom teardrop trailer sales to our credit.

But really this page is just an “tip-of’-hat” and big THANK YOU to Mark and Suzy Macaluso of Healdsburg, California who have over the years been instrumental in helping our business get off the ground. With love and kindness and endless patience they built us logos, animated logos, a web site and all manner of other support including photos, cheerleading support, tech support and a helping hand whenever we needed it. You guys are the best and we are grateful from the bottoms of our heart.

Thank you for everything Mark and Suzy! We look forward to taking you along with us on the next phase of this journey we call “Vacations In A Can”.

Love you guys!

Joe and Leslie


Here is our original logo that we still love and cherish

Original Vacatations In A Can Logo

Eventually we will bring back our animated version which is really adorable.


Questions about Teardrop Trailers? Teardrop Trailer Sales? Vintage Trailer Repair or Restoration?

Great! You can ask us because we love to share our knowledge about this wonderful, economical, and fuel sipping vacation alternative.

We really believe this is the one of the most fun ways to have a memorable vacation on the road.

For more information about teardrop trailers or custom teardrop trailers or vintage trailer restorations, justĀ  give us a call at: (707) 228.9943

For information about Teardrop Trailer Rentals Call: (707) 228.9944