Teardrop Trailer History

Kurt & Shannon's Mini Cooper with Teardrop

Built and designed by Kurt Bowden of minitears.com

The following information has been excerpted from Wikipedia.com. Visit their Teardrop Trailer page for more information.

A teardrop trailer, also known as a teardrop camper trailer, is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer which gets its name from its teardrop profile. Teardrop trailers usually have sleeping space for two adults and often have a basic kitchen in the rear.

Teardrop trailers first became popular in the 1930s and remained so until the mid 1960s, when they disappeared from mainstream camping. However, in recent years teardrop trailers have made a resurgence and are again growing in popularity.

A teardrop trailer is generally small, ranging from 4 to 6 feet in width and 8 to 10 feet in length. They are usually from 4 to 5 feet in height. Wheels and tires are usually outside the body and are covered by fenders. Since teardrop trailers are so light, usually less than 450 kg (1000 pounds), just about any vehicle can tow one and gas mileage is minimally affected.

Typically there is room inside a teardrop trailer for two people to sleep as well as storage for clothes and other items. Outside, in the rear under a hatch, there is usually an area for cooking referred to as the galley. Teardrop trailers tend to have lighting and other electrical power supplied by battery, although some have mains power hookups like regular travel trailers.

Some teardrop trailer owners participate in camping events for teardrop trailers (called ‘gatherings’). The teardrop trailer phenomenon is not local to any one country. Builders reside throughout the Americas, Europe, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Magazines such as Mechanics Illustrated published plans for teardrop trailers in the mid 1930s. The first teardrops were designed around the idea of utilizing standard 4 by 8-foot sheets of plywood with hardwood spars.

In the late 1990s, plans became available on the internet. Modern day builders found that with the advent of advanced urethane glues, trailers could be built more easily from less expensive woods because the strength of the glue created a monocoque and also compensated somewhat for a lack of professional woodworking skills.

Teardrop trailers have received media exposure on the Travel Channel, HGTV, the Speed Channel, the Price is Right, and the internet.



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