Chili Pepper rental

January 28, 2015

Currently, the Chili Pepper rental is out of commission for some maintenance.  It should be ready around the end of February.

Rental Calendar

January 28, 2015

The rental calendar has been suspended for the time being.  The reservation software has stopped syncing with the google map.  Please call for availability.

Rental changes for 2015

January 26, 2015

Beginning 1/1/15, rentals will not longer include the cookware, kitchenware or the 2-burner stove.  This items can be rented at additional charges.  And a reminder, bedding is not included, so bring your sleeping bags or you can rent the bedding at an additional charge too.The rental rate and hitch requirement page has been updated to include a PDF copy of the terms and conditions.  And, keep your fingers crossed the 5 wide rental will be done this year!

Cabela’s A Success

August 22, 2012

We did it, a seven hour road trip to Reno so we could sleep in a casino parking lot and spent the following sun drenched day in front of the Reno Cabela’s store, all in the spirit of promoting teardrop trailers… it was a blast! There were six teardrop trailers being shown and a continuous stream of Cabela shoppers, apparently getting ready for hunting season.

Joe’s long time friend, Blair (the guy who developed our website), and his family joined us for a good part of the day. The two envisioned taking VAIC to the next level, Ray’s Radical Adventures. Jenna and I laughed as we watched Joe and Blair, through various hand motions, redesign enclosed utility trailers equiped for radical adventures. For now, we will stick with what we do: build, sell and rent teardrop trailers.




August 1, 2012

This week I had to say Arrivederci to my daughter, son-in-law and grandson as they packed up their PT Cruiser heading to Texas for a 10-month house sitting adventure. No longer can I look forward to the weekly break from my desk to play with Benaiah or rock him to sleep (this is where I fill the teardrop trailer with my tears of sadness mixed with tears of joy).

I am thrilled for my daughter, having the experience of living in another state. I’ve only lived in California, beginning in Martinez, a stint in Mountain View, then Sonoma County. I probably envy her a bit, just picking up life, not planned, unexpected, and making the move with nothing more than some clothes, things a baby needs and, thank goodness for the church family, a working air conditioner. I will miss them, but more than that, I am thrilled for them and wish them a safe trip, memorable experiences and lots of Skyping moments to you know who. Hey, do you think I could talk them into renting teardrop trailers from New Braunsfel, Texas? If they decide to stay in Texas, it might be worth a conversation.

Teardrop trailers, the old new way to travel.

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