This section is where we will share with you our love of all things “teardrop”. Just use the navigation system to go to the section you want to see. There is mostly photos but over time we will be adding comments so please enjoy and if you see something you like, add a comment!.

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Below is a video to get your teardrop juices flowing (Form the IRG gathering in 2006).

Below is one more video for you to whet your apetite: “Northern California Launch of Douglas Keister’s book Teardrops and Tiny Trailers at IRG 2.0 Pamplin Grove July 25-26 2008”


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Great! You can ask us because we love to share our knowledge about this wonderful, economical, and fuel sipping vacation alternative.

We really believe this is the one of the most fun ways to have a memorable vacation on the road.

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