Teardrop Rentals

Located in Penngrove California, an hour north of San Francisco in the beautiful wine country known as Sonoma County.

Picture this. We pull into a beautiful campground in Oregon. It’s late, the weather is wet and we’re tired. We back the teardrop trailer into our space, unhook it and maneuver it by hand into position. We climb into the cubby for the night. Next to us is a large trailer desperately trying to maneuver into the long RV space. After several attempts and a half hour later, our neighbor’s trailer is finally in place. But he’s not done. Next, he levels the trailer, hooks up the water and sewer and finally, climbs into his trailer.

I don’t know about you, but we want to spend more time relaxing than working when we camp. How about you?

Chili Pepper

Can ’em Danno

L'il Bear

L’il Bear

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To let you experience the charm, ease, and economy of teardrop trailering for yourself, we offer three teardrop trailers for rental. Each of these trailers is a unique model: the Chili Pepper (CP), the Can ’em Danno (CED), and the L’il Bear (LB). Each trailer sleeps 2 adults, has a well-appointed galley and cabin—including linens, a comfy mattress, and most everything you need to keep you in cozy and luxurious comfort. And don’t forget to check our rental calendar to see which dates are still available.


  1. Call us at 707.228.9943 to make a reservation; secure your reservation with a credit card. We accept Visa or Mastercard.
  2. We email you a confirmation packet.
  3. Come to pick up your rental trailer in Penngrove, Ca. (one hour north of San Francisco) (If you’re paying by credit card, the rental amount will processed the morning of your departure. You may also pay by cash.)
  4. When you pick up, we also give you a demo on how to hook up and unhook your teardrop trailer rental.
  5. Enjoy the ease of towing your trailer and the honks and thumbs up while pulling the teardrop.
  6. Return your teardrop trailer rental to us in Penngrove. (Please do not wash the trailer.)
  7. Dream of owning your own teardrop trailer while you drive away, and come see us again!

Questions about our rentals, email us at reserve@vacations-in-a-can.com.



Questions about teardrop trailers? Teardrop trailer sales? Vintage trailer repair or restoration?

Great! You can ask us because we love to share our knowledge about this wonderful, economical, and fuel sipping vacation alternative.

We truly believe this is one of the most fun ways to have a memorable vacation on the road.

For information about teardrop trailers, custom teardrop trailers, vintage trailer restorations or rentals
call (707) 228.9943