1958 Shasta Trailer Repair & Restoraton

Current Vintage Trailer Restoration Project: 1958 Shasta (Body Length: 13.5 feet)

Project includes:

  • Complete gutting and rebuild of interior wooden cabinets, ceilings and walls
  • Repairing sub-floor and replacing vinyl
  • Re-skinning of exterior aluminum
  • Plumbing fixture maintenance and pipe replacement
  • Interior electrical wiring replacement fixture repair
  • Running light electrical and fixture replacement
  • Adding additional interior lights and 12 volt system
  • Water tank replacement
  • Sandblasting and painting of chassis with accent color
  • Refinishing propane wall lights
  • Replacing propane delivery system
  • Custom powder coated wheels
  • New window moldings
  • New exterior paint
  • New 3-speed reversible ceiling fan
  • Rebuilt main entry door
  • New seat and bench cushion upholstery

Below are some before and in-process photos.

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